Hell on Wheels

“More than 40,000 Americans were killed by cars in 2016 — the equivalent of a fully-loaded Boeing 747 falling out of the sky once every three days. It’s more than the 33,000 annual gun deaths, and more than the 20,000-plus people killed by synthetic opioids that year. Half of those automobile fatalities occurred in urban areas; about 6,000 of them were pedestrians.” In the wake of the tragedy in lower Manhattan, Buzzfeed’s Jessie Singer makes the case that we should ban cars from major cities. That’s not an overly realistic outcome, but it’s an idea worth reading about.

+ “We’re not going to get rid of cars, nor should we. But one thing that dovetails with this is what’s happening with many cities and urban places around the country, which is trying make the urban environment less accommodating to moving vehicles as fast as possible.” Denver Post: Cities should speed up safeguards for pedestrians, and not just because of terrorism.

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