“Unfortunately, instead of seeing the spread of fake news by Russia as a national-security threat—as almost every member of Congress seemed to, regardless of party, in the hearings this week—Trump has spent a year dismissing concerns about Russian propaganda while echoing its tropes, and attacking the American news media as the real fake news.” This is how Trump helps Russian trolls. (It’s also an example of collusion that’s happening right in front of our eyes — with a lot of help from Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News.)

+ Vanity Fair: “A different level of crazy”: Is a civil war breaking out in the Wall Street Journal over the editorial board’s coverage of Mueller? (Also a Murdoch-owned news source…)

+ Here’s a look at some of the ads Russian trolls wanted you to see.

+ Texas Tribune: A Russian Facebook page organized a protest in Texas. A different Russian page launched the counter-protest.