Houston, We Solved a Problem

Of all the people celebrating the Houston Astros World Series win over the LA Dodgers (and being a Giants fan from the Bay Area, I know a lot of those people), Ben Reiter might be feeling the most pride this morning. Back in 2014, when the Astros, well, sucked, Reiter wrote a cover story for Sports Illustrated in which he explained how the struggling team would rise to power and bring home a World Series win in 2017. “There are rebuilding projects … and there’s what the Astros are trying: an unprecedented burn-the-house-down overhaul. There are innovative front offices … and there is Houston’s, which includes a Nerd Cave led by a former blackjack dealer turned rocket scientist. Can it work? By October 2017, it might seem silly to ask.” Unreal.

+ FiveThirtyEight: The Astros Tanked Their Way To The Top.

+ “In the groggy hours after the emergency surgery to remove that initial tumor, the only way doctors could get her to open her eyes was by lying, and telling her the Astros were on TV.” A very nice piece from the Houston Chronicle: Victory washes away tears of sorrow for Astros fan with brain cancer.

+ Carlos Correa proposed to his girlfriend right after the game. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a pressure-filled game. If they had lost, was he going to suggest they just be friends?

+ ‘Mattress Mac’ Jim McIngvale likes to take risks when it comes to his marketing schemes. The Astros win will cost him $10 million.

+ And in LA, to add insult to injury, Yasiel Puig’s Encino home was burglarized shortly after the Dodgers lost the World Series. That will probably upset Yasiel for a few days. Seeing him repeatedly lick his bat will upset me for a lifetime.

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