Louse Flipping

“It’s long been speculated that if Mueller’s team finds damaging evidence here, they’re reportedly hoping they can use charges to get Manafort to give them more information on the collusion matter (if he has any). That is: They may want him to flip against Trump, other Trump associates, or potentially Russians.” From Vox: Paul Manafort’s central role in the Trump-Russia investigation, explained.

+ Buzzfeed: These 13 wire transfers are a focus of the FBI Probe into Paul Manafort.

+ Remember that scene in Goodfellas where DeNiro’s character gets mad at his partners in crime for spending lavishly right after the big heist? Paul Manafort’s clothing tab ran about $1.3 million.

+ The Guardian: Who is Rick Gates, Manafort’s right-hand man and alleged partner in crime?

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