Lap Dogs

The last two weeks have forced us all to reconsider how we respond to claims of sexual harassment and assault. Here’s a thought experiment: If 5 women said a guy was a predator, would you believe them? How about 10? Not sure yet? Let’s make it an even 20. While you’re considering your answer, let’s take a look back at Jia Tolentino’s October 16 piece in The New Yorker: Trump and the Truth: The Sexual-Assault Allegations. “Had he actually ever done the things he bragged about? No, Trump said—and he has continued to stick to this answer, despite the fact that twenty women have now come forward by name with firsthand stories.”

+ “‘I don’t want to sit on your lap,’ she thought. But, she alleges, Mark Halperin insisted.”

+ The number of James Toback accusers just broke 300.

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