Because digital security solutions have been so effective in protecting our online information, we’ve decided to use them to protect our homes as well. At least that’s one way to read the news about a new Amazon service that lets couriers unlock your front door to deliver packages to the safety of your foyer. “The service is called Amazon Key, and it relies on a Amazon’s new Cloud Cam and compatible smart lock. … When a courier arrives with a package for in-home delivery, they scan the barcode, sending a request to Amazon’s cloud. If everything checks out, the cloud grants permission by sending a message back to the camera, which starts recording. The courier then gets a prompt on their app, swipes the screen, and voilĂ , your door unlocks.” Here’s my alternate proposal: Amazon buys AirBNB and WeWork, and Prime members are given the option to live and work among their packages inside of an Amazon warehouse. (If a delivery person opens my door, even a crack, they better be prepared to drive away with three cats, a couple dogs, and most likely, an extra kid or two.)