Brow Beater

“Browder has led the push for countries to adopt ‘Magnitsky Act’-type laws that empower governments to freeze assets of Russian figures linked to human rights violations.” Vice: Why did the US just revoke Bill Browder’s Visa?

+ “The Magnitsky Act drives Putin nuts. It means that his men can’t act as they always have, i.e., with impunity. Now there are consequences, which is a problem for Putin. Four countries have Magnitsky acts: the U.S., Britain, Estonia, and now Canada. (They passed theirs last week.) Browder is a driver behind these Magnitsky acts, and Putin hates him for it.”

+ “It is nearly unheard of for a national hotel company to debut hotel lines in one of America’s poorest corners, surrounded by cotton and soybean fields and lacking a commercial airport or even an easily accessed interstate.” With revenues dropping at some top properties, Trump’s business goes to where his base is.

+ President Trump’s ongoing spat with the family of a US soldier killed in Niger continued on Monday. It really is SAD!

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