“When we establish contact with a community, we maintain that contact. When we go to a place, we take care of that place until we feel it has the right conditions to sustain itself. That’s what a relief organization should be.” Puerto Rico is in dire straits. But not every recovery story is a nightmare. José Andrés and World Central Kitchen have prepared and delivered a million meals since arriving in Puerto Rico.

+ Molly Crabapple in Buzzfeed: How One Small Town In Puerto Rico Found Food And Community After Maria.

+ “During the decade before Maria, economic decline and depopulation, a slower-moving catastrophe, had been taking a staggering toll: The number of residents had plunged by 11 percent, the economy had shrunk by 15 percent, and the government had become unable to pay its bills.” Puerto Rico was already suffering a demographic crisis. Then came Maria.

+ “Maria blew through the island in a matter of hours, but what was left behind wasn’t just traditional hurricane damage. The storm uncovered and intensified long-term environmental challenges that have long blighted Puerto Rico and now threaten its future.”

+ Trump gives the administration a 10 out of 10 on Puerto Rico Storm Aid. (These stats tell a different story.)

+ She was 92, stranded in Puerto Rico nursing home. Her rescue: an Uber sent from Miami. She gave her driver “five stars.”