Bottom of the News

“It was The Late Night Wars, oh ‘Jay’s winning, nobody likes me, and everybody likes Jay,’  … Now I think, what was that? Who’s at war here? There’s no war anymore. And I think, why was I in the war?” WaPo on Letterman: The Last Legend Of Late-Night TV.

+ Chad was added to the travel ban because it ran out of passport paper?

+ NYT: It’s One of North America’s Quietest Places. Along Came a Bear. “They then salvaged the recordings, and found a surprise: Footsteps, sniffs, huffs, a series of clattering crunches, then silence. (That’s pretty much what my kids hear every night when I sneak downstair for snack.)

+ California Restaurant Admits It’s Been Serving Popeyes Chicken for Months.

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