Here’s a headline that, just a few months ago, would’ve been entirely unthinkable. After Prompt From TV Personality, Trump Threatens to Abandon Puerto Rico. As far as I can tell, Trump hasn’t mentioned the fires or anything about visiting Northern California. As a resident, I thank him for that.

+ “Interior towns like Utuado and Barranquitas face total isolation, landslides, and dwindling supplies. FEMA estimates that over a third of the islanders are in need of water, a fact underscored by alarming reports that some people have tried to obtain drinking water from contaminated EPA Superfund sites. In all, millions of people are struggling to find basic necessities, and the presence of federal aid has been tenuous or lacking in rural areas. People are dying, and people will likely continue to die from worsening illnesses.” The Atlantic: Puerto Rico’s recovery is more uncertain than ever.