“It’s tempting to blame helicopter parents with their own anxiety issues for that pressure (and therapists who work with teenagers sometimes do), but several anxiety experts pointed to an important shift in the last few years. “Teenagers used to tell me, ‘I just need to get my parents off my back,’ recalls Madeline Levine, a founder of Challenge Success, a Stanford University-affiliated nonprofit that works on school reform and student well-being. ‘Now so many students have internalized the anxiety. The kids at this point are driving themselves crazy.'” From the NYT Magazine: Why Are More American Teenagers Than Ever Suffering From Severe Anxiety? (And what should parents, schools, and therapists be doing to address the growing problem?) As a person with 75 browser tabs and a few social networks open every morning, I find it hard to believe that the bombardment of information from the Internet isn’t a contributing factor. The stress is always out there if you know where to look.