While some Norcal residents have been able to get back to their neighborhoods to see if their houses are there, new neighborhoods are at risk as one of the worst fires in California history continues to spread. One resident of the hardest hit neighborhood in Santa Rosa wondered, “How do you put an entire neighborhood back together?” (Here’s some drone footage of the damage he was seeing when he asked the question.)

+ Bear With Me: My good friends (and excellent artists) Annie and Eric are donating 100% of the online sales of their I Love You California Collection to help support the relief efforts for those affected by the California wildfires. And I’ll match whatever they raise this week. So please help out by helping yourself to some cool art.

+ East Bay Times looks at the power lines connected to the Norcal fires.

+ NY Mag: “We have not, at all, arrived at a new normal. It is more like we’ve taken one step out on the plank off a pirate ship.”