“‘Think about it,’ one of the aides I spoke to told me. ‘Tillerson was contemplating his retirement from Exxon, after which he could do whatever he wanted — travel the world, sit on corporate boards. Now he’s got to feel like he’s covered in shit. I can’t imagine this is what he expected.’ Another official told me that Tillerson’s sole reason for staying was loyalty to his country: ‘The only people left around the President are generals and Boy Scouts. They’re doing it out of a sense of duty.'” The New Yorker’s Dexter Filkins with a sweeping look at the man who, as of last week, most Americans know as the guy who called Trump a moron. The situation is a lot more complicated, and a lot more critical, than a little name-calling. This article provides a good overview of the complexities of America’s most important internal relationship, what America’s foreign policy (to the extent we still have a coherent one) aims to achieve, and what a trip it must be for a guy who used to rule Exxon to now be taking orders (many via social media) from Donald Trump. Rex Tillerson at the Breaking Point.