Two Timed

“Castruita used to tell her family that after her work site was shot up by two people in the San Bernardino attack nearly two years ago, she was the safest person to be around because, well, nobody encounters a second mass shooting.” From the LA Times: For second time in two years, his fiancee texts: ‘Active shooter.’ And so began a night of hell in Vegas. (The news comes at us fast these days. But just pause to consider how incredible this is…)

+ Vox: The NRA is a powerful political force — but not because of its money. (The money helps, but it’s more about a voting block than straight up political donations.)

+ Congress might ban them, but in the meantime, gun stores are selling out of the bump stocks that the shooter used Las Vegas. (I guess everyone has their own way of dealing with unimaginable tragedy…)

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