“My interest picked up when Dr. Johnson, seated on a Masonic throne, announced that we would all be going to dinner at Buca di Beppo. When I called one of my emergency contact friends about the change of location she said, ‘Buca di Beppo? Do Nazis need to carbo load?'” From David Lewis in The Stranger, a remarkably entertaining article on an increasingly troubling trend: We Snuck into Seattle’s Super Secret White Nationalist Convention. “Much bleaker is Dr. Johnson’s Seattle-suitable, ‘secret agent’ racism plan. Basically, white nationalists meet in secret at conventions like Northwest Forum while paying ‘lip service to diversity’ at their day jobs. They move into positions of power where they can hire other racists and keep non-whites from getting into the company. Two years ago, this method would have seemed like a total joke, but these guys really do mostly work in tech, and they were doing a lot of networking.”

+ And a great and disturbing piece of reporting from Buzzfeed on the link from Nazi ideology to the White House. Here’s How Breitbart and Milo Smuggled Nazi and White Nationalist Ideas Into The Mainstream. (It turns out tiki torches aren’t the only way to shed a little light on these groups. Excellent reporting works too.)