Things That Go Bump on the Right

According to many gun rights advocates, it’s too soon after Vegas to be talking about gun control. But apparently it’s not to soon to be talking about accessories. The GOP is set to introduce a bill to ban the sale of bump stocks, “an accessory that can allow semi-automatic firearms to rapidly increase their rate of firing rounds, similar to that of an automatic weapon.” Even the NRA is calling for additional regulation on bump stocks. (They already ban the use of the item at their own shooting ranges…)

+ Here’s some background on the vet who invented the bump stock. And here are some more of the Vegas shooter’s accessories.

+ “In the 1970s about half of Americans had a gun, and it was almost always just a gun, one on average. Today only about a quarter of Americans own guns—but the average owner has three or four. Fewer than 8 million people, only 3 percent of all American adults, own roughly half the guns. Members of that tiny minority of superenthusiasts own an average of 17 guns apiece … Let me put a finer point on what I’m saying. Very, very few of the guns in America are used for hunting. Americans who own guns today keep arsenals in a way people did not 40 years ago. It seems plain to me that that’s because they — not all, but many — have given themselves over to fantasies.” Kurt Andersen on America’s Gun Fantasy. — This is a book excerpt from Anderson’s highly acclaimed book that predicted almost everything we’ve seen in the past year: Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire.

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