Ocean’s 911

It’s been a busy week filled with controversial news and there’s undoubtedly some disaster coverage fatigue among the viewing public. Those factors likely play a role in the fact “that the devastation in Puerto Rico is getting comparatively little attention” measured against Irma and Harvey coverage. That’s an especially big problem during a period when a certain someone in the administration has an unusually voracious appetite for news (fake and real). So, in the hopes more coverage will make a difference, I’ll do my part leading with the story here. The Mayor of San Juan put it bluntly: “Puerto Rico is not a good news story, it’s a people are dying story.” Here’s the latest from Buzzfeed.

+ It’s not just the operations that seem to lack leadership, it’s the messaging. I can’t imagine waiting for help and having to hear this string of words (for the second time) from my president: “This is an island. Surrounded by water. Big water. Ocean water.” (Avoiding this nonsense is the only plus side to Puerto Ricans not having much connectivity.)

+ “We literally jumped into the deep end together to provide disaster relief and it just hasn’t stopped. We’ve been working for 30 days in a row right now pretty much round the clock just trying to provide support first in Houston and now in the islands.” From The Daily Beast: Volunteer Pilots Swoop Into Puerto Rico With Supplies and Leave With Survivors.

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