Rabbit (Ears) At Rest

Silk smoking robes are being worn at half mast today to mark the passing of Hugh Hefner, who, at the age of 91, died of natural causes (as if there were anything natural about wearing pajamas all day and having sex nonstop decade after decade). From the LA Times: “Hefner was the founder of Playboy magazine, launched amid the conservatism of the 1950s, when marriage and domesticity conferred social status. Hefner pitched an alternative standard — swinging singlehood — which portrayed the desire for sex as being as normal as craving apple pie.” (They must serve some really good apple pie at the LA Times…)

+ David Dennis, Jr: How Dick Gregory Forced The FBI To Find The Bodies Of Three Civil Rights Workers Slain In Mississippi (with a little help from Hugh Hefner…)

+ “Everything in Esquire excited young Hefner — the romantic and adventurous stories by such writers as Fitzgerald and Hemingway, the photographs of classic cars, the sophisticated cartoons, the travel articles about glamorous places, the fashion layouts, and the foldout that each month offered an exquisite color drawing of a beautiful woman.” From WaPo: How Hugh Hefner became Hef: From sexually repressed upbringing to renowned Playboy. (I went from a sexually repressed upbringing to spending hours a day trying to come up with headline puns. We each have our journey.)

+ Hefner leaves behind a notably complicated legacy. Here’s some reading material from Digg that I really read for the articles.

+ Upon learning the news, just about everyone seemed to chime in with a Tweet. My favorite is from Patton Oswalt: “As per his wishes, Hugh Hefner’s body will be left in a fort in the woods for other kids to find & pass around.”

+ And yes, there’s a Donald Trump angle to the story.

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