“This is a big S.O.S. for anybody out there.” How bad is it in Puerto Rico? San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz does a pretty good job explaining in this NBC News interview.

+ Vox: “3.4 million US citizens live in Puerto Rico, and they are entitled to the same government response as any state. But half of Americans don’t even know that.” What every American needs to know about Puerto Rico’s hurricane disaster.

+ “The Jones Act limits shipping between coasts to U.S. flagged vessels. However, in the wake of brutal storms, the government has occasionally issued temporary waivers to allow the use of cheaper, tax free or more readily available foreign-flagged ships.” So why isn’t the Trump administration waiving it?

+ “I can live without power. But I can’t live without water.” NPR: With Bottles And Buckets, Puerto Ricans Seek The Water To Survive.

+ WaPo on one town suffering almost complete isolation: There was once a bridge here.