Bottom of the News

“The world’s largest retailer announced Friday that it is testing a delivery program in Silicon Valley that would allow customers to use smart-home technology to remotely open the door for delivery workers and watch a live stream of the delivery by linking their phones with home security cameras.” From WaPo: Walmart wants to send people into your house to stock the fridge — even when you’re not home. (We’re seriously losing our minds…)

+ “It was Mr. Shaw, a man who loved numbers even more than he loved a slice of pizza, who transformed the endless number into an endless celebration of mathematics, joy and pepperoni.” Larry Shaw died at the age of 78. He leaves behind his greatest invention: Pi Day.

+ After six decades, BYU has ended its ban on caffeinated soda sales. We should let them enjoy the victory for a bit before we tell them everyone else stopped drinking sodas because of the sugar.

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