“Their daughter, and oldest child, loved cheerleading in junior high; she was eager to try out for the squad at the local public high school, where she was set to enroll as a freshman in the fall. But the name of this particular school in Tyler, a community that some residents like to think of as the western edge of the Old South, ate away at her parents. ‘We would ask ourselves, Are we really gonna have our daughter running around a football field yelling, ‘I love Robert E. Lee’?'” The New Yorker’s Tasneem Raja with an interesting look at what it’s like to be black at Robert E. Lee High School.

+ NYT: “Last September, Patrik Hermansson, a 25-year-old graduate student from Sweden, went undercover in the world of the extreme right.” Here are some of the things he learned. (Interestingly, the anti-globalist movement has gone global…)