“As nations try to grab back power online, a clash is brewing between governments and companies. Some of the biggest companies in the world — Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba among them — are finding they need to play by an entirely new set of rules on the once-anarchic internet. And it’s not just one new set of rules. According to a review by The New York Times, more than 50 countries have passed laws over the last five years to gain greater control over how their people use the web.” The NYT with the latest chapter in a story that is quickly gaining momentum: People around the world are not happy with tech companies. Facebook Faces a New World as Officials Rein In a Wild Web.

+ “Most everyone I speak to tells me that last week’s revelations about Facebook, Russia, and political advertising is, in the words of Senator Mark Warner, ‘the tip of the iceberg.’ Whether or not that’s true (and I for one am quite certain it is), it’s plenty enough to bring the issue directly to the forefront of our political and regulatory debate.” John Battelle with a great explainer focused on how the Facebook and Google advertising platforms took over everything, and then spun out of control.