Irma has finally been downgraded to a tropical storm after leaving 6 million Floridians without power, causing massive damage in the Virgin Islands, leaving at least 10 dead in Cuba, and causing widespread damage throughout the region. Here’s the latest from The Guardian.

+ Not everything went perfectly for the perfect storm, and Irma was actually less terrible than expected. Here’s what that looks like in photos and social media posts.

+ My nine-year daughter channeled the thoughts of viewers everywhere when she asked why windbreakered TV news reporters were standing outside in the middle of the storm. (Even some amateur reporters gave it a try.) The drenched live-shots aside, the media played a vital role during the storm. And there’s no doubt that the combination of scientists, government officials, and the media saved countless lives over the weekend.

+ Even with all the photos of flooding and damage, many of the most indelible images from Harvey and Irma will be those of people helping people. And some of that help came from unexpected places. The Houston Chronicle: I downloaded an app. And suddenly, was part of the Cajun Navy.