No Pain, No Gain?

MoJo shares the latest numbers from the opioid crisis: “About 64,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year — a staggering 22 percent increase from the 52,404 in 2015 — according to the first government estimate of drug deaths in 2016. Overdoses now kill more Americans than HIV did at its peak in 1995, and far more than guns or cars do today.”

+ “The crisis can be attributed to many parties — drug manufacturers, drug distributors, unscrupulous doctors, and, of course, drug dealers, smugglers, and users — some of whom are profiting from it. Last month, a group of shareholders of one distributor strove to bring the company’s goals more in line with society’s.” From The Atlantic: When a Company Is Making Money From the Opioid Crisis. (It’s not just what these companies know now. It’s what they knew before this became a crisis.)

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