What to Stream: The War on Drugs has been highly effective. Not the US government policy. The band. The acclaimed group is out with its much anticipated new album, and it sounds good. Listen to A Deeper Understanding on Spotify or your music service of choice. And here’s the band playing a few of their tunes, recorded live at KEXP a couple days ago.

+ What to Watch: Halt and Catch Fire is a solid series about a group of folks living and working at the cutting edge of the early computer and internet eras. The fourth and final season is in progress on AMC. But you can warm up with the first three seasons on Netflix. The show gets better with each season.

+ What to Freeze: While you’re listening to music and watching TV (or even going outside) this weekend, enhance the experience with my new favorite snack. Frozen Watermelon. I use an ice cream scooper and put the chunks into a freezer bag. Trust me.