Rain of Terror

After nearly three days of unthinkable images coming out of Houston, this feels like a moment when we should be assessing what damage has been left behind by receding waters. But the water is still there in most places and some fear the worst flooding may be yet to come. “The Weather Service office serving Houston described the rain amounts so far as ‘unfathomable.'” Officials are expecting as many as 30,000 people to be forced into shelters. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the damage will be “horrific” and FEMA says relief operations will be going on for years. From The Atlantic: The unprecedented flooding in Houston, in photos. And from the NYT: Harvey, in photographs. After seeing the images and video out of Houston, it seems amazing that more people weren’t killed during the storm. But the images also show thousands of people from nearby communities arriving on powerboats, kayaks, and jetskis to rescue strangers stranded on the roofs of their homes. Maybe it took nature’s wrath rising with the tides above the streets of Houston to remind us of the generosity and heroism of our neighbors. Here are the latest updates from Buzzfeed.

+ Scientific American: Hurricane Harvey: Why Is It So Extreme?

+ Quartz: Hurricane Harvey dropped so much rain the US National Weather Service added new colors to its maps.

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