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“Someone has to stand up and speak truth to power. I can’t stay silent because someday, I want my children to be able to look back at this moment and know that their father had the courage to stand on the shoulders of the great leaders in human history. I want my parents to know that their son lived his life with the steadfast courage and moral determination of the likes of Gandhi, Mandela, and MLK. I want my nephews and nieces to know that their uncle refused to say uncle.” At long last, a profile in courage: To My Fellow Americans

+ “Interestingly, there are a lot of fans that are actively theorizing and creating spaces for its adult fans to consider what this all means. While the mainstream has made it seem as if 1D only has teen fans, there have always been older fans — and, at this point in its ‘extended hiatus’ moment, there’s clearly an appetite for more like-minded dialogue.” Everything you need to know about the inner lives of adult One Direction fans.

+ “Adding a few drops of water would therefore continue to increase the concentration of guaiacol molecules at the surface, potentially improving the taste.” You should add a little water to your whiskey. Chemists say so.

+ Politico: The agonizing, 8-page memo on how to chauffeur a congressman.

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