Take This Job and Shove It

“Government data shows workers in the sector are giving up their jobs at the fastest pace in a decade. That’s a powerful sign, economists say, that workers think they can find work elsewhere.” An unexpected trend is emerging among some manufacturing workers in industries that the US is working to save. They’re quitting.

+ “A rigorous study of the impact of robots in manufacturing, agriculture, and utilities across 17 countries, for instance, found that robots did reduce the hours of lower-skilled workers—but they didn’t decrease the total hours worked by humans, and they actually boosted wages. In other words, automation may affect the kind of work humans do, but at the moment, it’s hard to see that it’s leading to a world without work.” James Surowiecki says that we should all chill because robots won’t take all our jobs. (I’ll believe that when I hear it from a robot.)

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