Under the Sheets

On Monday night, Rachel Maddow did a good job of explaining a key difference between this week’s events and past white supremacy marches. The old white supremacists wore hoods. The new ones have their faces shared all over social media (mood lighting courtesy of some dime-store tiki torches). Now, the internet posse is crowdsourcing an investigation into who did what in Charlottesville (Even the stars are getting in on it). Which seems good. Except when it seems really bad. From the NYT: Amateur Sleuths Aim to Identify Charlottesville Marchers, but Sometimes Misfire.

+ Slate on the complexities of ensuring peaceful, free speech when people show up to protests strapped with semiautomatic weapons.

+ Unsurprisingly, white supremacists are planning 9 rallies nationwide this weekend alone. Meanwhile, several cities are accelerating efforts to remove their Confederate statues.

+ Charlottesville: Race and Terror. Vice News had complete coverage of what went down in Charlottesville.

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