“You now actually hear young people say, ‘I might go and get some therapy for this.’ You’d never, ever hear people in this country say that out in public before.” England is in the middle of a very interesting and important mental health experiment. What’s the big idea? No-cost talk therapy. “The rapidly growing initiative, which has gotten little publicity outside the country, offers virtually open-ended talk therapy free of charge at clinics throughout the country: in remote farming villages, industrial suburbs, isolated immigrant communities and high-end enclaves.” From the NYT: The world’s most ambitious effort to treat mental illness. Let’s keep an eye on this program. The fact that an entire nation is openly discussing these issues is, in and of itself, a massive step forward.

+ “The game is currently in phase III clinical trials, which means this isn’t a done deal yet. But if Akili is successful, it will have created the first prescription-based video game in the US.” The Verge: Prescription video games may be the future of medicine. This is really interesting stuff. I know a bit about it and here’s a simple way to think about it: If traumatic events can alter your brain in a negative way (think of something like PTSD), then maybe other experiences can alter it in a positive way.

+ Stat: Psychiatry group tells members they can defy Goldwater rule and comment on Trump’s mental health.