“I did not collude, nor know of anyone else in the campaign who colluded, with any foreign government.” Jared Kushner finally speaks (briefly in front of cameras, and more during a closed session). Here’s WaPo’s parsing of his statement. After the hearing, Jared introduced himself and delivered remarks. It was strange to actually hear him speaking. I expected him to sound more like Barry White.

+ President Trump continued to put the pressure on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, this time calling him beleaguered. And Axios reports that Trump has recently pondered the idea of Rudy Giuliani as AG. (Rudy says he’s not being considered and thinks Sessions was right to recuse himself.)

+ And given the vital importance of health care legislation, this is a pretty remarkable lede from Bloomberg: “Senate Republican leaders must decide which health-care proposal they’ll ask members to vote on this week, in what has become a series of all-out efforts to get their own members on board.”

+ President Trump uses his subtle touch to try to push the repeal along. “Obamacare is death.”