As you know, the mutant race known as Millennials bears no resemblance to the previous species that roamed the Earth, and unlike their forebearers, they don’t drive cars, don’t get married, don’t work hard, and they’re entitled, narcissistic, selfie-taking, social media addicts who refuse to clean up their childhood rooms (well into their thirties). So what I am about to suggest will sound blasphemous to those of us who built the social foundation that this freakish tribe is so determined to crumble. Millennials might be just like the rest of us, and their behaviors and defining trends — like the ones adopted by those before them — are driven by market and cultural forces beyond their control. For example, what if Millennials want to buy homes, but they can’t because they are saddled with too much student debt driven by massive college tuition hikes?

+ It turns out the the olds have been blaming the youngs for ruining the world for a long time. For example, “Geoffrey Chaucer had fretted over the younger generation’s perceived negative influence on both communication and language.” (And as we know, language wasn’t actually ruined until the 2016 election). From the Boston Globe: An age-old accusation.