I Can Fix It

A couple months ago, I replaced a rubber flapper and stopped one of my toilets from running. The moment stands out because it may have been the first time I ever fixed anything. While I’m not the fix-it type of person, it was nice to have the option to take care of the problem. If my bathroom was filled with products from tech companies, there’s a decent chance I would have had to go out and buy a whole new toilet. Tech companies make it difficult (and sometimes illegal) to fix products you own. From Quartz: Why are companies trying to make it illegal to repair our electronic devices?

+ Motherboard:” The 5-Year Quest to Unglue the MacBook Pro’s Battery. (It only took me like three years to figure out how to get the toilet to stop running…)

+ “Relax. My old man is a television repairman and has the ultimate set of tools. I can fix it.”

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