Alone at the Water Cooler

My wife will out of town when Game of Thrones returns this Sunday, and she made me promise that I wouldn’t watch it until she gets back. This is a rare occurence. It used to be that I found myself watching the same shows as my friends and many of my peers. But these days, it’s the exception if I’m even watching the same shows as the other people in my house. The Ringer’s Alison Herman on The Very Last Piece of the TV Monoculture (which is on a pay TV service that not everyone even gets): “Thrones is the last vestige of the monoculture, a dying and distinct model with its own advantages and blind spots. In its stead, we’ll be left with the fractured, micro-targeted landscape to which Thrones is the glaring, currently only, and possibly final exception.” (This is part of the reason Trump is so huge. He’s one of the last shows that everyone is watching.)

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