Rolling Stone’s David Kushner looks at the case of a programmer that shut down a hospital website and wonders, “what are the bounds of protest in the digital age?” It’s a riveting and though-provoking article, as depicted by this opening paragraph: “One afternoon in a modest, hilltop home in West Hartford, Connecticut, Linda Pelletier, a sandy-blond mother of four, opened a greeting card from her 15-year-old daughter, Justina. To her surprise, a small, intricately folded piece of paper slipped out from inside. It was an origami fortune teller. Pelletier poked her thumbs and forefingers under the flaps, spread them apart, then unfolded the flap that faced her. A chill shot through her as she read the message, written as tiny as her daughter’s handwriting would allow: ‘I’m being tortured.'” The Hacker Who Cared Too Much.