“The missile … flew higher and remained in the air longer than previous attempts, enough to reach all of Alaska, experts said. They called it a major milestone for North Korea’s weapons program.” North Korea’s latest missile test raises the stakes in an already tense standoff between Kim Jung Un and the Trump administration.

+ “We’re facing what could ultimately be the threat of a generation. And Donald Trump is our president.” My take: We Need a President. Please Retweet.

+ David Sanger in the NYT: What Can Trump Do About North Korea? His Options Are Few and Risky.

+ Motoko Rich in the NYT: “Over the years, as it does for potential crises around the world, the Pentagon has drafted and refined multiple war plans, including an enormous retaliatory invasion and limited pre-emptive attacks, and it holds annual military exercises with South Korean forces based on them. But the military options are more grim than ever.”

+ Mark Bowden: What Did North Korea’s Missile Test Really Change? “When potential death tolls are unthinkably high, it’s like multiplying infinity.”