Weekend Whats

What to Hear:: ESPN’s 30for30 documentaries make up one of the best series out there. And now the producers have launched 30for30 podcasts. The first one is up. Check it out and subscribe to the series.

+ What to Read: Looking for some summer reads? TED has put together a list of 101 books to dive into, as recommended by their speakers. Looking for a shorter list? My wife reads a book every couple days (seriously), and her pick of the year so far is The Wanderers by Meg Howrey.

+ What to Stock: My way of dealing with pre-travel anticipatory anxiety is to lock in on one product I feel I need to get my hands on before departure. Last week, that product was Apple AirPods. Sadly, there’s a long wait to buy them online. So I used a site called Is In Stock to notify me when the AirPods were available in my local store. And after about a day or so, boom. (My anxiety level remained about the same, but the AirPods are good.)

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