Question: What should you do if you want to spend your Fourth of July weekend in the most patriotic way? Answer: Get it on. It turns out America’s got a problem. We don’t have enough babies (the newborn kind, we’ve got plenty of the Twitter-rant kind). And, as we’ve seen in other countries, that could lead to trouble. A country’s birthrate has to be just right. “If too low, there’s a danger that we wouldn’t be able to replace the aging workforce and have enough tax revenue to keep the economy stable … Birthrates that are too high can strain resources such as clean water, food, shelter and social services.” You’re already going to be oohing and aahing at the fireworks, so why not take it to the next level? Uncle Sam needs you! From WaPo: The U.S. fertility rate just hit a historic low. Here’s why some demographers are freaking out.