Many of today’s refugees were forced from their homes by conflict. In the future, climate change could be the key factor. From PopSci: Three-quarters of the planet could face deadly heatwaves by 2100.

+ Why Hydro-Politics will shape the 21st Century.

+ “After a certain threshold, even the ‘it’s a dry heat’ jokes cease being funny.” It’s only the third week of June and that threshold has already been left in the dust in Arizona where it’s so hot that airplanes can’t fly.

+ “Planes are grounded, tap water comes out hot, and we’d all better get used to it.” The science behind Arizona’s record-setting heat wave.

+ In the Sierras, people are enjoying winter sports in the middle of heat wave. From the LA Times: Skiers hit the slopes in bikini tops as California’s endless winter endures a heat wave. (I’m a terrible skier with a pear-shaped body. This is my worst-case scenario.)