“Their deadly efficiency also makes them ideal for sale online. Unlike heroin and prescription painkillers, which are relatively bulky, enough fentanyl to get nearly 50,000 people high can fit in a standard first-class envelope.” As the NYT reports, that is one of the several reasons why opioid dealers have embraced the dark web.

+ “The police in Arlington, Mass., intervene with vulnerable users. Officials in Everett, Wash., have sued a pharmaceutical firm that they say created a black market for addicts. Seattle’s officers give low-level drug and prostitution suspects a choice: treatment instead of arrest and jail.” Also from the NYT: When Opioid Addicts Find an Ally in Blue. One of the interesting aspects to note is the different way the opiate disaster (a more white/rural problem) is being treated by law enforcement, as opposed to the way police and prosecutors dealt with the (more urban/black) crack epidemic. For some excellent background on this topic, don’t miss the documentary: 13th.

+ WaPo: Jeff Sessions personally asked Congress to let him prosecute medical marijuana providers.