“I had a prospective post-doctoral student who was looking for something to do, and she was interested in studying genitalia. I said to myself: Well, I have never worked on that end of the bird before. As a result, we studied duck sex intensively for six, seven years.” And this is what they found: What Duck Sex Reveals about Human Nature.

+ McSweeney’s: Steps I take to counteract gentrification while living in a luxury building in Brooklyn.

+ “The suit was a full-body suit that completely covered my eyes, and then I had goggles over my eyes. So I couldn’t see. I realized I would have to cut a hole where the eyes were.” And he hasn’t lost a race since. From ESPN: Freeze frame: Catching up with the Braves’ viral sensation.

+ This baker makes Internet trolls eat their words. (Sadly, the words turn out to be pretty tasty.)