“For we are living in a golden age of sexual creativity — an erotic renaissance that is, I believe, unprecedented in human history. Today you can, in a matter of minutes, see more boners than the most orgiastic member of Caligula’s court would see in a lifetime. This is, in itself, enough to revolutionize sexual culture at every level. But seeing isn’t even the whole story — because each of us also has the ability to replicate, share, and reinvent everything we see. Taken as a whole, this vast trove of smut is the Kinsey Report of our time, shedding light on the multiplicity of erotic desires and sexual behaviors in our midst.” NY Mag on how P*rnhub became the Kinsey Report of our time. And what we learned about sexual desire from 10 years of P*rnhub user data. (Interesting. I only visit that site for the articles…)

+ You can go back and use an original Macintosh in 2017. (For many people I know, this story is more titillating than the one above…)

+ The word Perennial is getting picked up far and wide and now has its own Wikipedia entry. Next stop the OED.