“The Wing bills itself as ‘an offline destination for women to build essential relationships, hatch plans and you know…run the world, together.’ Practically speaking, that means a place where its members can spend the day working at the loft’s communal tables, having a drink and socializing, taking a shower or getting a blowout, and attending a wreath-making workshop or book club.” Shared workspaces are nothing new. But some of the quite popular ones have a key rule: No dudes. From Village Voice: Inside The Gig Economy’s New Wave Of Women’s Clubs.

+ Uber has fired more than 20 people in connection with an internal review of sexual harassment charges. That somehow led to this headline: CEO Travis Kalanick has started meditating in Uber’s lactation room. The way the negative stories are multiplying, he may need to implement surge meditating.

+ At London’s Badoo (a Tinder-esque app), they are bucking the trend: Job Perks Include Pole Dancers and Sushi Served on Models.