It’s long been assumed that sourdough bread — in addition to providing a superior experience to the tastebuds — is a healthier choice than the much-maligned evil-doer of the carb aisle, white bread (cue boos and hisses). But a recent short term study led by a team of Israeli scientists found that this common assumption is wrong. Even more interesting, “their results showed that people vary substantially in how the two breads affect their blood sugar: Predictably, some people’s blood sugar spiked more dramatically after eating white than sourdough, but unexpectedly, others’ did the reverse.” In other words, different breads drive a different physical result in a different people. (This study keeps alive my long-held theory that bagels will ultimately give me a six-pack.)

+ “Exposure to a rich array of indoor germs may actually be salutary, helping stave off a variety of illnesses.” From the NYT: Are Pets the New Probiotic? (Now we know why cats clean themselves so much: to make sure they won’t be helping us in any way.)