“Falls are one of life’s great overlooked perils. We fear terror attacks, shark bites, Ebola outbreaks and other minutely remote dangers, yet over 420,000 people die worldwide each year after falling. Falls are the second leading cause of death by injury, after car accidents.” So if you’re gonna fall, you better learn how to land. From Mosaic: How to fall to your death and live to tell the tale.

+ Here’s the first footage of Alex Honnold’s rope-free climb up El Capitan. (Forget climbing, I got too scared to even watch the whole video.)

+ Peter Sallis has died at the age of 96. You might not recognize the name, but you’d recognize the voice from Wallace and Gromit.

+ This may not be El Capitan, but there’s no doubt it’s the greatest waterslide-related performance of all time.