Bottom of the News

“You watch more. There’s a video of her interviewing a basil plant and two of her reading out loud from the Bible. In one, her nose spontaneously starts bleeding. All of her videos are like this: unsettling, repetitive, sparse. Imagine anime mixed with a healthy heap of David Lynch, a dash of Ariana Grande, and one stick of bubblegum. There are a few characters who appear in the videos besides Poppy — one of her recurring guests is a talking mannequin.” It’s harder than ever to stand out as being weird on the Internet. But it’s not impossible. From Wired: Welcome to Poppy’s World.

+ The Leftovers was a rare TV show in that it got better during each of three seasons. And it got fantastic in its series finale, which was one of the best episodes of TV I’ve ever seen (thanks to great writing and the other-worldly talent of Carrie Coon). Here’s Quartz talking to Damon Lindelof, who explains that the show was a love story all along. In addition to being a superb writer and good guy, Damon is a most-excellent dresser.

+ A man who mowed lawn with tornado behind him says he ‘was keeping an eye on it.'”

+ Politico: How the World’s Most Interesting Man Befriended the World’s Most Powerful Man.

+ OKCupid data proves June is prime casual sex season. Good, I was getting tired of waiting around in my tuxedo.

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