What to Watch: Sarah Silverman’s latest stand-up special could be her best, with an excellent mix of the personal and the political. From Netflix: Sarah Silverman, a speck of dust.

+ What to Book: As a former UC Berkeley English major and a card-carrying member of the liberal elite, I haven’t spent much time reading books that are fast-paced, entertaining, and action-packed (a genre I like to call enjoyable fiction). I’ve been changing that, and lately I’ve been loving Steve Hamilton’s Nick Mason series. The second book, Exit Strategy, is out now. (And don’t miss Hamiton’s book, The Lock Artist. It’s like Catcher in the Rye if Holden Caulfield could pick a lock.)

+ What to Read: From Dan Barry in the NYT: The Holdup –
A Mobster, a Family and the Crime That Won’t Let Them Go.

+ What to Hear: If a man’s life is judged by the tribute cover songs that follow it, then Chris Cornell’s was a life well lived. I must have heard Black Hole Son a hundred times since Cornell’s death. But none of them compared with Norah Jones’ moving rendition.