Flame Wars

To paraphrase Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three: The proof, the proof, the proof is on fire. We don’t need no water let the motherf*cker burn. It’s not just the roof — or even the planet — that’s on fire. It’s the truth. Somehow, the Paris treaty was described as nonbinding and Draconian in the same sentence. And things went downhill from there. From Vox: The 5 biggest deceptions in Trump’s Paris climate speech.

+ WaPo: Fact-checking President Trump’s claims on the Paris climate change deal.

+ Yes, the Pod Saves America show is highly partisan. But yesterday they interviewed one of climate deal’s chief negotiators, Brian Deese, and he did a really good job of calmly explaining what exactly is in the deal, how long it will take for America to pull out (years), and why what we’re seeing at the poles might make all of this moot.

+ And for an angrier (and funnier) take on the debacle, I wrote up 10 thoughts on Donald Trump’s middle finger to Mother Earth.

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