“After a month at a Zen silent-meditation retreat, Heller went back to his job at Goldman Sachs as a commodities trader in oil and gas.” The New Yorker’s Bess Kalb: A Selection Of The 30 Most Disappointing Under 30.

+ “The president is going to try to defeat Bob Mueller and the mountain of evidence in the Russia scandal with the lawyer who lost a case to people to whom it once seemed like a good idea to attend Trump University.” The latest in my series: The Pontiff and The Pontificator: Things I thought while reading the news this week.

+ LA Times: Bel-Air mega-mansion brings criminal charges against celebrity developer. But what happens to the 30,000-square-foot estate? (A quintessential LA story featuring ugly structures, reality stars, and supermodels.)

+ “I know you’d rather I be honest with you than not, so…” How adult stars broke the news to their parents.