A Portland in the Storm

“In a letter dated Monday and made public Tuesday, the mother of 23-year-old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche asked Trump to ‘condemn any acts of violence, which result directly from hate speech & hate groups.'” The mother of one of the “two men fatally stabbed last week on a light-rail train trying to protect young women from anti-Muslim abuse” is urging the president to speak out more on the crime.

+ NPR: After the Stabbing, Portland’s mayor wants two right-wing demonstrations canceled.

+ More about the victims: “Macy said that she stayed with Namkai-Meche, who stumbled past her, blood-soaked and pale, until help arrived. She said that she told him to lie down, continued to tell him he wasn’t alone, and prayed. ‘Tell everyone on this train I love them,’ Macy said Namkai-Meche told her, before the medics took him away on a stretcher.”

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